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Aaron Fink

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Aaron Fink

Aaron Fink at a 2009 Breaking Benjamin concert in Indianapolis
Background information
Born April 22, 1978 (1978-04-22) (age 32)
Genres Post-grunge, alternative metal
Occupations Musician
Instruments Guitar, Drums, Bass
Labels Hollywood Records
Aaron Fink (born April 22, 1978)[citation needed] is an American guitarist, best known as the lead guitarist and occasional backing vocalist for the alternative metal band Breaking Benjamin.


Before Breaking Benjamin, Aaron Fink and bandmate Mark James Klepaski (bass), were members of the band Lifer (Strangers With Candy). They broke away from Lifer in late 2001, in a surprising blind leap of faith to join their old high school friend Ben Burnley (vocals/guitar) and Jeremy Hummel (former drummer) in creating Breaking Benjamin. Fink has helped Burnley write many of the bands lyrics and is a strong backbone of the band. He is known as an expressive guitarist with a flair for both color and crunch. Ben has stated the following about Aaron's work on the band's second album, We Are Not Alone, "He's not so much a riff guy as someone who creates atmosphere. His talents really shine through here."
In live performances, Fink currently plays MusicMan/Ernie Ball Axis Super Sport Guitars. He used to play his Washburn Idol guitar for live performances, and a Fender Telecaster in earlier years, but has started to play MusicMan instead. He also pulls out his PRS for a few songs in the live set.
Fink is living in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, United States and had a son born in 2001 named Gavin.

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